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Replacement Windows and New Windows

By Anita Koppens

The old phrase "the devil is in the details" can apply to many situations, as well as your home. There are lots of details to consider and, if you don't explore your options, you may have regrets after the fact.

Finding the perfect type of windows for your home is absolutely one of those fine points. Many people are unaware of how many different kinds of windows are to be had, and even less of an idea about what type is perfect for them and their home. With some research guidelines and the perfect questions to ask, you will be able to see the value and beauty that you can add to your property.

The most popular and wanted type of window offered is the energy-efficient window. The energy-efficient window is perfect in any climate because it behaves as an insulator. This will solve the drafty window problem in cold environments, while keeping cool air in when in warm climates. So not only are energy-efficient windows good for the environment by using less energy through insulation properties, but they can also save you quite a bit of money on your heating and cooling expenses. Furthermore, because energy-efficient windows are also highly prized by home buyers, this will add value to your house when it comes to resale or renting.

If you are beginning from ground zero with a newly constructed home, you won't have to to be concerned about this one. All the windows will be brand-new with new frames and casements. Many individuals are not in that situation, however, and have to decide whether to replace the window (meaning the glass) or the entire frame and surroundings.

A replaced window will fit right into the opening and will typically not change the look or style of the home very much. This is a good option if the frame and surroundings are in good condition. While a replacement window and new window cost about the same, the labor needed for a new window makes this option more costly. Of course, if your window openings are not typical sizes, the windows will have to be custom fit or cut, adding up expense with either selection.

A new window is perfect for the homeowner who wants to increase the window size and opening, as well as modify the appearance of their home. For example, a homeowner may wish to go from a little window over the kitchen sink to a larger service window to be able to pass food through to the backyard. Or a homeowner may wish to turn a picture window in the master bedroom to French doors with full windowpanes opening to the patio.

Windows are a vital element in your home and they can change the cost of your utility bills, your environmental impact, your level of comfort and the design of your retreat. It's important to give the decision of this detail the right amount of research and consideration.

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